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Are you ready for a change?

Do you think you spend too much time at work doing something, which doesn’t fulfill you? Are you tired of your 9 to 5 job? Do you think there must be something you are really passionate about and where you can earn more and work less?

I know exactly how you feel because I was there for 12 years. I was in a job that did not truly fulfill me and only gave me 15 days of annual leave. I didn’t feel I could make a difference in somebodies life and I had no passion for my job. I also felt I didn’t had enough time for myself and for the things I really loved doing, e.g. travelling, learning new things or just simply spend more time with my husband.

In 2007 I got to know about Young Living. I started to love the oils because they were unlike anything else I tried before. I used them and felt many small positive changes, physically I had more energy and I got less sick and emotionally I felt less stressed and more balanced. I wasn’t keen on the business opportunity at first, but due to the changes I saw in people around me, who used the oils, I felt compelled to share them with others so that they could benefit from it too.

To fast track forward I quite my job in 2010 and got actively involved into the Young Living Network marketing business, introducing others to the wonderful products. Within 4 years I made more money than in my previous full time job although I worked less, chose when and where I worked and most importantly loved what I was doing!

If I can do it, you too can!

You just need to know how….

Are you interested in wellness? Do you love beautiful fragrance? Do you want to start a business where you are passionate about what you do? A business which enables you to work less than in your full time job and gives you more time to travel, spend more time with your family or do things you love doing?

Are you ready to learn some skills, which will make you successful in what you do? Are you willing to work on your limiting beliefs, which might be holding you back? You are at the right place. 

There are three things you need to learn if you want to develop a successful Network Marketing business: 

  1. Learn about your product! Often these trainings are provided by your company. If you are interested in Essential Oils I welcome you to one of my classes.  
  2. Learn Network Marketing skills, eg. how to introduce others to the products and sell your products and how to lead your team. You can learn the skills with my book “Live your Dream – which shows you how to develop a Network Marketing Business that works” 
  3. Supercharge your Mind! Remove blockages, limiting beliefs and negative emotions. In the last 6 years I have seen many people giving up because they neglect this point. They know all about the products and they do all the “right” things, but they do not have success because they unconsciously believe they do not deserve it. The sabotage themselves because of patterns and limiting beliefs which run in their subconsciousness mind. The Aroma Freedom Technique is an amazing simple, yet effective technique to release those limiting beliefs so that you can achieve your goals and dreams! 

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