Before I got to know about essential oils I would travel with all kind of medication to cover myself for any injuries or sicknesses. I would have a big ziplog bag full of medicine with me. Especially when traveling to third world country or remote area where medicine is not always so easily available.

Now I travel with my pouch of oils and they have saved many of my holidays.

Below are my must haves when traveling


  1. Peppermint

This is such an universal oil and can be used for so many things. Its amazing for digestion and if you feel your stomach is rumbling a bit too loud and you might have eaten something wrong, immediately apply a drop of peppermint on your abdominal, repeat after 10 minutes if necessary.

If you are feeling hot apply one drop on the neck and you feel literally cool down your body.

Peppermint is also great for sore throat or dry throat and cough. Simply apply a drop over your throat


  1. Lemon

lemon contains natural occurring limonene which has proven in studies to support healthy immunity.

Simple put a drop in a glass of water and drink several times a day!


  1. Lavender

Lavender is like Peppermint one of the universal essential oils, which can be used for so many things.

Often when I am in a new environment I have difficulties sleeping the first night. I simply put a couple of drops on my pillow to get a restful sleep.

Put a drop on cuts, bruises or insect bites


  1. Thieves Blend

The last thing I want is to fall sick during my holidays. I believe prevention is better than cure and thieves blend is my steady companion. Before I step into the plane I put one or two drops on the sole of my feet to keep my healthy.

I sometimes get headaches when I travel from a hot climate like Singapore to a cold climate. I believe the headaches might be caused by the temperature change and I apply thieves on the sole of my feet.


  1. Stress Away blend

Sometimes travel plans do not go as expected. From lost connection to rescheduled trains or flights stress away keeps me sane.

Simple put a drop on your temple and take a few deep breath in!



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