Lemon essential oils are high in limonene (59 to 73%) . There are more than 100 of articles on the Internet about the benefits of limonene. E.g. Limonene has been extensively studied for its ability to combat tumor growth in over 50 clinical studies.


Many health advocates tell you to drink lemon juice first thing in the morning. I drink lemon essential oil instead of the juice. Young Living lemon essential oil is cold pressed from the rind and it does not erode the teeth. Lemon juice can erode the teeth due to the high acid content.


I simple put a couple of drops of lemon essential oils in one liter of water and drink it in the morning. You want to make sure you do use glass or porcelain. Do NOT use plastic.


Lemon essential oil:


  1. Supports regular bowel movement, especially when drank in the morning


  1. Supports a healthy immune system


  1. Is an excellent oil to be used for skin. Put a few drops in organic virgin coconut oil and apply on the skin. CAREFUL: Sun sensitive, do not expose skin to the sun within 24 hours


  1. Is an absolute mood lifter. Its fragrance is uplifting, invigorating and relaxing


  1. Supports healthy blood circulation and healthy blood pressure


  1. Supports concentration and focus, researcher in a University in Japan found that when certain essential oils where diffused in the environment it lead to fewer errors, e.g. with lemon the errors decreased by 54%. When lemon was diffused in school during test taking, scores increased by as much as 50%


  1. Is an excellent cleaning agent and removes gum and grease. Apply directly on area or mix a few drops in baking soda and use for cleaning table and counter tops


  1. Has been traditionally been used to fight food poisoning. Put a few drop into water or apply on your tummy.


Please remember that if your skin is sensitive or if you use essential oils on children dilution may be required. Please follow the instruction on the bottle.

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