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In 1998 I packed my suitcase and moved to Singapore to look for a job. I fell in love with Asia during a backpacking trip a few years earlier. I spent many months traveling through Asia and also studied in Macao. It was my dream to live in Asia and I found a job soon after arriving in Singapore. It wasn’t a dream job, but I earned enough to live comfortably. Soon afterwards I also met my husband and that’s when I made Singapore my home.

However here I was in Asia surrounded by beautiful beaches and fascinating cultures and I had hardly time to travel and enjoy my surroundings because I had very little annual leave.

For 12 years I stuck in jobs that hardly allowed me to travel and that did not fulfill me.

When I became a Buddhist in 2001 my perspective of life shifted and I wanted to find a job where I could truly help and benefit people, however I had no idea what that could be.

When I got to know about Young Living I started to love the oils because they were unlike anything else I tried before.

I used them and felt many positive changes, physically I had more energy and I got less sick and emotionally I felt less stressed and more balanced.

My father had passed away of cancer within two months of diagnosis having suffered greatly from the side effects of the chemo therapy. I was always a firm believer in alternative medicine and thought that western medication had too many side effects and is only for emergency and used as a last resort. His death strengthened my conviction even more.

I wasn’t keen on the business opportunity with the oils at first, but due to the changes I saw in myself and the people around me, who used the oils, I felt compelled to share them with others so that they could benefit from it too. Starting a business to share Young Living full-time and offering related therapies seemed to be the answer to my prayers to do something where I could benefit people and had more time for myself.

In 2010 I quit my job and started my own business. Within 4 years I made more money than in my previous full time job.

I loved that I was helping others and that I could chose when and where I worked and finally had time to travel! I had achieved more than what I had envision when I started my business. It wasn’t always easy, but I had grown as a person tremendously.

One of the reasons why I loved the oils so much was that they are not only supporting us physically, but that they also support us emotionally, because I believe that unresolved emotions can lead to physical sicknesses long-term. In 2016 I met Dr. Perkus, the founder of the Aroma Freedom Technique when he gave a talk in Singapore. A couple of months later when he launched his online Aroma Freedom Practitioner certification program I signed up immediately. I was one of his first students.

Through all my years of working with different modalities, AFT was the fastest, gentlest yet most powerful technique to release blocks so that we can reach our heart desires, which I have known so far. 


Having overcome my fear of speaking in front of a camera using AFT I signed up for the AFT Instructor course. Being a natural shy person I would never have imagined that I would become a teacher. And here I was teachign my first AFT Certification class and enjoying every minute of it.

Having your own business can be a roller-coaster ride, but it is also one of the most effective ways to grow personally. I believe unless you grow personally, your busines will not grow! 

If I can do it, so can You! You just need to know how!

Are you interested in wellness? Do you wish you could earn a great income with something you are truly passionate about?  A business which enables you to work less than in your fulltime job and give you more time to travel, spend more time with your family or do things you love doing?

Are you ready to learn some skills, which will make you successful in what you do? Are you willing to work on your limiting beliefs, which might be holding you back?

Than you are at the right place. I will show you everything you need to know to create a successful Business in my Dream Business Program, combining my Business skills with Mindset skills! 


Claudia Hofmaier


Young Living Platinum Leader
Diploma Biofeedback Therapist (APCNM)
Diploma in Anatomy & Physiology (ITEC)
Diploma in Holistic Massage (ITEC)
NLP Coach (NLP Academy)
New Code NLP Practioner (ITA of NLP)
Aroma Freedom Technique Practitioner and Instructor (AFA)


Aromatherapy (Chemistry in Essential Oils I + II, CARE)
Raindrop Certificate (CARE)
Applied Vitaflex (CARE)
Emotional Release with Essential Oils (CARE)
Indigo Biofeedback Certificate (QCE)
Mind Energy Coach (Mind NRG)


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