Aroma Freedom Technique

Shift your mindset naturally using essential oils and create the life of your dreams

Are you feeling stuck in your business or personal life? Although you do all the right things, success and happiness is still not coming your way? E.g. you work hard on your business or relationships, but you are still not making the money you deserve or have the relationship you envisioned?

Now imagining if you could gentle release limiting beliefs, which we often carry around since childhood and negative emotions which hinder you to achieve your heart desires of living a happy and fulfilled life.

With the Aroma Freedom Technique, a new revolutionary step by step process using calming and uplifting essential oils, I can help you to:

  • Increase your confidence
  • Release limiting beliefs around money and abundance
  • Overcome fears and anxieties
  • Gain clarity about decisions and directions in life
  • Achieve inner peace and overall wellness

True healing and transformation can happen when we release negative programming from our mind and body!

How does the Aroma Freedom Technique work?

The Aroma Freedom Technique works with the power of scents of pure therapeutic grade essential oils which have the ability to release trauma and negative programming from the limbic part of our brain which is the seat of our emotions.

The process assists us to reprogram limiting beliefs and release negative emotions.

AFT Consists of 12 Steps

  1. Setting of intention of goal and rating of the goal
  2. Identifying the negative voice that tells you that its not possible
  3. Identify the emotions when you feel the thought
  4. Notice where you feel it in your body
  5. Drift back to an earlier time you felt the same way (we do not go into the story and memory)
  6. Once we have access to the memory we breath in the essential oils to release the negative programming
  7. Observe what happens with the memory, feeling and body tension / pain
  8. Are there any positive thoughts arising?
  9. Identify the original intention and rate it
  10. Formulate your affirmation
  11. Say your affirmation for 21 days with essential oils to anker it
  12. Make an action plan

After the AFT session with Claudia, I felt completely relaxed and I felt a heavy burden was lifted from me. During the session everything was in a nice flow and it felt good. The clearing went quite fast unlike other session were i sometimes got stuck. I will now diligently do my affirmation!

Annette Haenle


The session was very helpful in putting things in perspective for me. I really did not foresee regressing to those events in my life, but things seem so much clearer now. It is empowering to know that I am responsible for me. The next thing is to clear this constant sense of uncertainty and lack of trust, in my self, the universe. The oils were very helpful in creating a sense of calm, and opening oneself up to the experience. Thank you very much Claudia.

Seok Wah Cheong


Watch a session about having a peaceful and relaxing sleep!

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I am ready!

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