Essential Oil Classes

Do you think essential oils only smell nice? I thought so too until I discovered therapeutic grade essential oils from Young Living.

Experience the healing power of essential oils. Try our amazing oils and one of our workshops or in a one to one session.

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Essential Oil Discovery – Introduction class

Discover the worlds of Essential Oils in this experimental workshop where you get to try some of the most popular essential oils from Young Living. This class explains the various models of Aromatherapy and the various application methods of the essential oils. This workshop covers oils which can be used for the whole family from young to old.

Aroma Freedom Technique for Joy and Inner Peace

This is an intro class to the Aroma Freedom Technique. The Aroma Freedom Technique is a step by step process to release negative emotions, thought patterns, feelings and memories that may be holding you back from realising your intention and dreams. By releasing these blocks you will gain greater confidence in areas you may have felt stuck.

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Meditation with Essential Oils

Experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation with our guided mediation with Essential Oils!

The fragrance of essential oils directly influence the limbic brain, the seat of our emotions. They are full of healing power and can assist us in relaxing our mind and body and gently releasing trapped emotions

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