Helichrysum essential oil is called “Gold of Croatia” because it is as valuable as Gold, maybe even more. After all Health is more valuable then Money.

Today I want to share with you all about my visit to the biggest Helichrysum Farm in the world which is in Croatia. If you are following me on Facebook you have seen some of my pictures and video from my trip. The trip to Croatia was my 4th Young Living farm visit and the first Farm I visited in Europe and it was an absolutely mind blowing experience.

I still remember vividly when I first joined Young Living 10 years ago Helichrysum was out of stock for a long period of time and I was surprised about the reason. The reason was that the oils offered to Young Living was of poor quality and that Young Living decided not to sell the oil on the market. So we all waited eagerly for Helichrysum to be available. If you have been with Young Living for awhile you may have encountered oils out of stock and this is because Young Living essential oils are not manufactured in a laboratory but the plants have to be planted, grown, harvested and distilled. This is what we call the Seed to Seal Process and its is the key to a premium quality oil and unfortunately it takes time.

The farm in Croatia is near Split in a beautiful Region called Dalmatia. It is a Young Living partner farm with an area of 500,000sqm. Young Living has just bought another 500,000sqm so the size of the farm will be double and will be the biggest Helichrysum Farm in the world. 

Besides Helichryum, the farm also grows and distills Juniper, Sage and Bay Laurel. 

The land of the farm has not been contaminated with any chemicals, heavy metals or radioactive material because the land was unused for over 40 years. There were lots of wild plants growing at the land, which is a sign that the soil was healthy. e.g. the European Union (which has very strict standards) allow 0.3 heavy metals in the soil. Dalmatia has 0.001 heavy metals in the soil.

The planting process of Helichrysum is very time consuming and the plant has to be picked manually from hand and before it is brought to the Distillery.  The oil goes through about 15 to 20 tests to ensure that it is the highest quality before it is bottled.

Here are some interesting facts about Helichrysum: 

  • Helichrysums loves the sun and the plant can only be harvested when its sunny. When its rainy the oil of the plant goes into the roots. One has to wait until it is at least 2 to 3 days sunny before the harvest can start
  • if its cut wrongly the plant will die
  • The government announces the harvesting period which is twice a year
  • The plant can live 7 to 8 years and harvesting can start after one year
  • The oils is in the leaves and stems and not in the flower
  • The flower contains the seeds.

I found Helichrysum oil in the shops in Croatia and it has traditionally been used for skin care and is well known for eliminating wrinkles, sun and age spots. It has a very rare chemical composition and it also muscle relaxing and is high in alpha pinene (an anti inflammatory compound) and its supporting for the blood.

After the visit to the farm I treasure my bottle of Helichrysum even more!

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