Be bold, be beautiful, be YOU!

Almost a quarter of 2018 has passed. The first one quarter was so packed full of great experiences for which I am truly grateful to all of you. If not for all of you, I would not be able to do what I love doing, sharing the beautiful oils and their health benefits with people all over the world! 

In January I travelled to Croatia and Hong Kong to teach about the oils and the business opportunity. Gary Youngs vision is to get them into every home in this world. I truly believe that my life would be very different without the oils. I might still be in my corporate job and would count the days to the weekends and my holidays, which were always to little. Now I love to teach and guide others in using the products as well as in building their own wellness business!

In February we had our first ever Asia Pacific Convention in Kuala Lumpur with over 3000 participants from all over Asia Pacfic (Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, Philippines (the next country to officially open in 2018) and other parts of Asia. It was such an amazing event and I dont even know where to start: Product expo to sample all the oils and our newly launched Savvy Minerals (non toxic, cruelty free make up line),  products for purchase only available at convention, top key note speakers, lots of valuable information about the oils and products as well as the business and lastly lots of fun and joy meeting and connecting with likeminded people!

Straight after the APAC convention I headed to Kota Kinabalu for the Young Living Leadership retreat, where the focus was on leadership and how to develop leaders in our organization and an opportunity to mingle with the top executives from Young Living who came all the way from the USA and learning about the unique culture of the original inhabitants in Borneo.

Never compromise health for beauty! 

This week is also the launch of the long awaited Mineral Make up range “Savvy Minerals” and a few other beauty products (Mirah range). Health should never be compromised for Beauty! 

Unfortunately not many people know about the dangers which are lurking in most cosmetic brand. People may think, I am just applying a little bit as and when, but even a little bit of toxin accumulates over time in your body leading to hormone imbalance, weight loss, infertility, cancer and many other diseases.

Please google and see for yourself what chemicals are lurking in many make up brands and beauty products. I did this many years ago and I was shocked and angry that companies were allowed to put in highly toxic ingredients. It was then that I decided to ditch everything and replace with toxic free products and my skin is more healthy and better looking then 10 years ago.

Savvy Minerals does not contain: 

•Nano Particles
*Synthetic Fragrances
•Synthetic Colours
•Bismuth or Talc
•Propylene Glycol

Its ingredients are vegan and cruelty free (they have never been tested on animals).

Savvy Minerals main ingredients are: 

•Aspen bark
•Kaolin clay
•Jojoba oil
•Aloe Vera

I love it because its so easy and fun to apply. I am not a make up person, but I love the feel and the natural look of the Savvy Mineral make up. If you have oily skin its perfect for you, if your skin is a bit dry, like mine, you must make sure you put a good moisturiser first. I use sheerlume and/or the ART skin moisturiser first before applying the foundation. What I love the most about it, is that you can decide how much coverage you want. If you dont want it so “thick” you just apply one layer, if you want more coverage eg. to cover freckles, age spots and blemishes you apply two or three layers of the foundation. Its very light and will not make you feel “painted”.

There is wonderful information on this page where you can also see before and after pictures (I love to look at those :-))

Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be YOU, Be SAVVY!

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