Overcome your Fears in 12 simple steps!

Are you feeling sometimes stuck and no matter how hard you try? Often we do all the right things, but success is not coming its way because subconsciously we are sabotaging ourself. By creating a shift in our mindset things will suddenly move.

Last year I met Dr. Perkus at one of his talks in Singapore. He gave a talk about how essential oils could help us to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs which hinder us to achieve our dreams and heart desires.

I had been working with Young Living essential for many years and have attended many courses on essential oils and emotions. However I was completely intrigued how fast the oils worked during his demonstrations. When I learned other modalities we used high quantities of oils (e.g. the raindrop therapy) and it took always some time until you could feel the shift.

When Dr. Perkus announced his online class in June last year I was one of the first to register to became a Aroma Freedom Practitioner. Already during the online class I practised on friends and on myself and was completely blown away how fast the oils could shift our emotions on a very deep level.

I was so fascinated that I did the instructor course immediately after the practitioner course. One of my dreams was, to change my business to a location independent business so that I could choose to travel abroad and stay for a months or two and still be able to work. One of the reasons why I started a Network marketing business in the first place was that I had wanted time freedom and the ability to travel more. I already had time freedom and chose when I worked and I had much more time to travel then before, but I was still seeing clients and doing workshops in Singapore and I felt if I was away for to long I would loose my client base. So for some time I planned to hold webinars, but the fear of speaking in front of a camera always held me back. My fear was so strong that when I attended the first AFT webinar I was even nervous because the rest of the participants could see me on screen.

During the practitioner class I did a session about the fear of speaking in front of the camera on myself and I felt such a huge shift that after the class I started doing a webinar series assisting others in the AFT process. Since then I have lead many students through the certification process online and helped them to become an Aroma Freedom Practitioner. Its such a joy and I absolutely love what I do. AFT has almost become a daily process for me too. Whenever I feel stuck or whenever I am scared of doing something or think I cant reach my goals I do an AFT session on myself followed by the affirmation.

So, now you might be wondering how one can overcome its fears so fast. Well here are the steps we go through in an Aroma Freedom Session:

  1. Set your intention or goal and rate it on a scale form 0 to 10
  2. Listen for the negative voice that tells you that this cant happen
  3. Identify how you feel when you hear the negative voice
  4. Find where you feel the negative feeling in your body
  5. Drift back to an earlier time when you felt the same way (recently or long time ago)
  6. Smell the Essential oils when you have a memory while focusing on thoughts, feeling and memory
  7. Observe what happens to the memory, feeling and thoughts
  8. Notice if there are new positive beliefs starting to emerge
  9. State your original intention loud and rate it, if below 8 go back to step 2
  10. Create an affirmation that expresses your new positiv belief
  11. Say the affirmation while smelling the oils to reinforce the new belief. Repeat this twice a day for 21 days
  12. Take actions daily to achieve your goals

The process looks extremely simple, but its very powerful.

Want to know how this looks live? Watch here a life session about a lady with the goal to double her income:

The most important factor for the process to work is the usage of high quality essential oils. I only use Young Living because I can be sure nobody gets stuck during the process and we achieve the desired results. The three oils we use in every session are:

Frankincense, Lavender and Stress Away. I will tell you more in my next blog about these oils and others we are using.

Be well and happy!

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