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I have heard about Aroma Freedom from Dr Benjamin Perkus when he came to Singapore before. However, I did not quite understand what is all about and what are the benefits of this practice. I have also heard of Dr Jim Bob Haggerton receiving the Aroma Freedom Facilitation to help him get through his recovery. So when Claudia Hofmaier offered to do the Aroma Freedom, I just had to grab and give it a go. 

Oils used were Sacred Frankincense, Lavender, StressAway, Release and Transformation. Claudia started by asking me what goal did I wanted to focus on. Naturally, I told her about the goal I set at the beginning of the year to achieve the rank of Silver in Young Living in the year of 2017.

I have went through several rounds of identifying why I want to do the Young Living Business. I have searched several resources to work on. I have done whatever was in my capacity to make this Young Living Business work.

Unfortunately, as days goes by it changes to weeks, weeks became months. I was getting frustrated with my slow progress. Ida assured me that I am making good progress. However, I was getting impatient. Several times, I feel like calling it a quit. Then I revisited my “Why” again and again.

After getting me to tell her my goal that I wish to work on, she went on to ask how do I rate my confidence and achieving my goal. I bluntly said it was Zero. At that point, I really felt that it is impossible.

She went to ask what are the thoughts that is making me rate it at Zero. I have been taking small steps towards it from the very beginning of 2017 and I have been inconsistent in my actions. It made me feel helpless and lacking control.

Then I was made to think of a time when I felt the same way while inhaling
1 drop Frankincense
1 drop Lavender
1 drop StressAway

My memories took me to an incident. As I remembered the incident, I couldn’t help myself. I was overwhelmed with emotions and I started crying. I realized I have yet to gain wisdom or understand how has that incident been a blessing for me. I felt so much injustice, anger and hatred. I had no resolution to that incident. I was made to inhale more of the 3 oils. I continued inhaling and I calmed down but it did not resolve.

I wanted to rate 0 for the confidence level in my goal. However, I wanted to give myself a chance that it was still possible so I rated it at 3.

Then there were several distractions, my husband woke up and wanted to ask what was going on because he heard me sobbing. Then my son called for me to pick him up. Haha… everything happens for a reason right? It made me realize that this is the other factor. I am not focus and often get easily distracted from my goal.

So when Claudia asked me what is the thought, it was an obvious answer. I get easily distracted.
It made me feel frustrated and I will often give up and surrender.

Amazingly, my memories took me to a time when I was in labor with Luqman. Boy! That was one frustrating, helpless and out of control moment. More than 24 hours into Labor… I don’t want to figure out the exact number of hours. Contractions. Water bag burst! Waiting game. Embarrassing moments. Then to be told that you have to go through surgery!

This emotions and turmoil in this journey towards my goal

” I achieve the Young Living Rank of Silver in December 2017″

is just like what happened in that labor ward. At the end of it, there’s joy! The journey is totally worth it.

So here I am conceiving the goal since January 2017.

Now I feel at ease with my growth. I feel more confident in achieving my goal and empowered that the goal is within my reach. I no longer feel overwhelmed by the things that I intend to work. I believe that it is possible.

Now it’s time to take action. Let it flow. Insha Allah. (By God’s will)

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