Top 11 Essential Oils for Children! 

Babies and children react very well to essential oils and supplements, the only difference to adults is to use the oils in smaller quantities!

Babies: put 1 to 2 drops of oil in your hand and rub them together and wait half a minute and put your hand on the feet of the baby or mix 1 to 2 drops of oil in a little bit of V6 and apply to bottom of feet. 

Children: Put 1 or 2 drops of the oil on the sole of the feet of the children or mix with V6 and apply to any area of the body! Dilution ratio depends on the oils.  

FRANKINCENSE, used for healing for 5000 years! Extremely mild and no dilution is required for babies 

  • put a few drops into V6 and use for a relaxing massage.  

LAVENDER, one of the most versatile oils, extremely calming. Us for those minor scratches and cuts! 

  • put a drop on the pillow before sleep! 

PEPPERMINT, helps digestion and promotes healthy respiratory function, use with care for children below 4 years of age. 

  • put a drop in your hand, wait one minute and put your hands on the feet of your babies/kids feet. Dilution maybe required! 

LEMON, supports healthy immunity 

  • put on your babies feet or put a drop of lemon vitality oil in a litre of water and let them drink throughout the day

PEACE & CALMING, encourages calmness and deep relaxation:  

  • for insomnia: rub on bottom of feet before bedtime, for hyperactive children, apply one to two drops of P&C on their feet morning and evening 

PURIFICATION, purifies the air and deters insects:  

  • place a drop on insect bites or stop itches or diffuse to clean the air 

DIGIZE or COPAIBA for healthy digestion 

  • apply one drop on their feet when stomach is upset (for children below 4) or directly on tummy! Dilution maybe required! 

THIEVES, for healthy immunity:  

  • put a drop on their feet before going to school

RC, supports healthy respiratory function  

  • put a drop on their chest (dilute with V6) 

STRESS AWAY, to release stress for mummy and kids!   

  • put a drop on their feet before going to school 

VALOR, very balancing and calming, increase self confidence!

  • put a drop on their feet before going to school 

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